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About Us: HighDesertRent.com was created by a young real estate investor that noticed insufficient marketing and advertising resources for rental property in the High Desert area. At the age of 21, the investor created HighDesertRent.com to provide potential renters with detailed information, photos, and videos about his rental properties. As a young businessman and upcoming real estate mogul, he believed in hard work and dedication by any means necessary. However, in time he realized that canceling prior engagements with family and friends to show properties to potential renters that may cancel, not like the property or just want to look because they were thinking about buying in the area was time consuming. His idea was to create a website that would have the renter calling stating “I'm sure I want to rent the property, can I fill out an application?” The unnecessary drives to show properties reduced by over 70%. The owner of HighDesertRent.com believed that if you provide the renter with the “truth” about a property, meaning information, photos and videos that your property will get rented out in no time. Once his personal property became occupied, he still continued to receive inquiring calls. The callers would state, “We are on your website and noticed all your property is rented out. Do you know of any property that is available in the High Desert?” The President / Owner of HighDesertRent.com knew he had to create a dynamic search tool just for renters in the High Desert. Some property managers and friends would state that there were already websites out there that offered such services; what makes your website different? What makes HighDesertRent.com different is that we will come out to the rental property to gather detailed information that the renters want. HighDesertRent.com's goal is to provide reasonable advertisement so that all property owners and managers will not hesitate to use our services. The President also promised High Desert renters that the website would have more photos, videos and information because our friendly and professional staff will go out to the properties after payment for advertisement to take photos, videos and collect information on the property for FREE. HighDesertRent.com caters only to properties in the High Desert. The owner pledged that he would tackle such obstacles and stresses with his detailed, affordable, time and gas conserving rental property website... HighDesertRent.com.

We thank you for your support and look forward to helping you save time and money.

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